Benefits of each service

Lawn Wizard Indy

Fertilization and Weed Control

1. Fertilizing reduces chances of weed growth

2. Our fertilizer protects your investment in new turf

3. Our fertilizer strengthens grass roots

4. Our pre-emergent fertilizer controls crabgrass growth

5. Our weed control applications controls dandelions, crabgrass, and many other pesky weeds




Your lawn is a living breathing organism! Feed it and take care of it!
1. Increases curb appeal
2. Increases home value by 20%
3. Being the envy of the block
4. Stronger grass
5. Encourages even growth
6. Leaving grass clippings in lawn is very nutritious to your lawns diet
7. A well taken care of lawn is much easier to maintain than a neglected lawn
8. Keeps lawn healthy and eliminates some pests instantly
9. Allows lawn to remain consistent



1. Allows air, water, and nutrients to get into ground

2. Develops stronger, deeper root system = Increased lawn density

3. Reduces thatch from developing

4. Reduces soil compaction

5. Decreases stress to plants (weeds take advantage of stressed plants)

6. Prevents weed growth


To combat compaction, you may need to aerate twice a year. Heavy rain and constant foot traffic contribute to compacted soil, especially if soil is heavily clay based. With periodic aeration, the soil retains a readily crumbled, or friable consistency for healthy root growth. Weeds cannot populate a space that is fully developed with rigorous root growth.